Article 1- Abrogation

The present regulation abrogates for all intents and purposes any previous regulations adopted in this matter or contrary, contradictory or incompatible with all provisions of this regulation.

Article 2- Définitions

Permanent: A “permanent” camper is a camper who, during winter, leaves his trailer and/or any other camping installation on its rented lot.

Seasonal: A “seasonal” camper is a camper who installs a trailer or any other camping equipment throughout the season.

Article 3- Opening and closing

Opening and closing dates for the campground and beach are determined each year by the Corporation de Développement Économique d’Auclair (CDE).

Article 4- Seasonal rental

Seasonal rental is allowed on two (2) or three (3) services sites according to the following terms:

4.1- Seasonal location period spans from the opening to the closing of the campground according to the dates determined by the Board of directors of the CDE each year.

4.2- If a person owes an outstanding amount to the CDE or the municipality of Auclair for previous rents, this person has the obligation to pay the amounts due in order to rent a site for the season.

4.3- All trailers must comply with the regulations in effect within the municipality of Auclair, concerning their installation’s appearance (i.e. no “home made” trailers or mobile homes are permitted). Furthermore, no changes can be made to the ground without prior authorization of the authorities in place (manager, Board of directors of the CDE). Changes include pruning, filling, paving, fencing, etc.

4.4- Installation of additional refrigerators, freezers or heater to those already included in the trailers is forbidden. Random inspections may be carried out at any time during the season by the manager or the authority designated by the Board of directors of the CDE. For seasonal and permanent campers, only one (1) additional refrigerator can be authorized for an additional cost of 50 $.

4.5- Seasonal and permanent campers must have their own garbage cans in order to maintain a neat and clean appearance of their site. All garbage must be placed in a well tied plastic bag and deposited in the designated garbage station (waste containers located at the campground entrance).

4.6- Seasonal and permanent campers can decide to mow their lawn themselves, at reasonable hours. The equipment is supplied by the campground manager. If the lawn is not mowed, the person in charge of grounds maintenance will be able to do it.

4.7- Seasonal and permanent campers have the right to install a shed that is no larger than 49 square ft (7ft x 7ft) on their rented camp site. No homemade shed will be allowed.

4.8- Reservation fees of $200 must be paid, before the end of the season or no later than January 15th of the following year for seasonal and permanent campers who wish to reserve their site. Payment for permanent and seasonal campers can be made in either one or two installments. If the payment is made in one installment, it must be made by May 1st, if made in two installments, final payment must be made by July 1st of every year.

Article 5- Use of vehicles on the premises

5.1- All motor vehicle must observe the maximum speed limit of 10km/h and must lower their headlights at night.

5.2- No motor vehicle is allowed on the beach, except in designated areas for boat launching.

5.3-Water crafts must be cleaned before entering the lake (zebra mussel), proof must be given to the manager upon request.

5.4- Vehicles and boat trailers must be parked in designated parking areas.

5.5- All, motorcycles, dirt bikes, mini bikes, ATV, etc., are NOT to be operated in the campground, except if permitted by authorities in power.

5.6- No motor vehicle is allowed in the campground between 10 pm and 7 am.

5.7- All visitors must park their cars in the designated parking areas.

5.8- Bicycling is not permitted in the campground after 9 pm.

Article 6- Campground and beach

6.1-Dogs are allowed in the campground under the following conditions: they must be on a leash at all time and under the supervision of their owner or guardian. In addition, they are not allowed on the beach, the swimming platforms and boat docks (even if supervised). They are also not allowed to swim in the public beach areas. Dogs which breeds are prohibited on the territory of the Municipality are also prohibited in the campground.

6.2- Dog owners or guardians must pick up after their pets (they must always carry bags with them) in order to keep rented sites and public areas clean at all times.

6.3- Glass containers for alcoholic and other beverages are prohibited in all public areas of the campground and beach (roadways, docs, playground, etc.).

6.4- Curfew in the campground is set at 11 pm at all times. Curfew exemptions can be given by the Board of directors of the CDE’s for special events. If the curfew is not observed, authorities reserve the right to compel campers to extinguish their fire, force campers to regain their respective campsites and even evict campers.

6.5- It is prohibited to throw away polluting objects of any kind into the water, on the beach or the campground.

6.6- Swimming is prohibited when lifeguards are not on duty.

6.7- Children under 5 years can access the beach and the public swimming areas only if they are accompanied by a responsible individual (aged 12 and over).

6.8- Wearing a bathing suit is mandatory.

6.9- Fishing is prohibited on the swimming platforms and at the marina.

6.10- Camp fires are allowed in designated areas and must never be left without supervision. No open fires are permitted on the beach at all times, except if authorized by the Board of directors or management.

6.11- The swimming platforms and boat docks at the marina are reserved solely for pedestrians. No animals or vehicles are allowed.

6.12- Door-to-door sale is prohibited in the campground without prior authorization from the Board of directors.

6.13- Campers are responsible at all times for their guests and for any breakage or damage resulting in their behaviour.

Article 7- Equipments and services

7.1- It is prohibited to encroach on surrounding campsites

7.2- Washers and dryers located in the sanitary block are for the exclusive use of the campers. Please be advised that it is prohibited to wash carpets, tarps or any other similar items.

7.3- Any person renting equipment is responsible for damage which may occur during its use and shall pay for the repair or replacement of such equipment. Note that equipments cannot be rented to a minor without the authorization of a parent or guardian.

7.4- Wearing a lifejacket is mandatory when using Eau Claire Campground’s watercrafts.

7.5- All watercraft owners must dock their crafts at the marina and cover any applicable fees. It is prohibited to dock at the swimming platforms or to berth at the municipal beach.

7.6- The pergola can be reserved by campers for an occasional private use, upon authorization from a staff member or the Board of directors.

7.7- Decorative lights are permitted. The manager or any other person designated by the Board of directors can ask the campers to turn off their decorative lights when necessary.

Article 8- Responsibility

8.1- The Corporation de Développement Économique (CDE) d’Auclair and the municipality of Auclair are not liable for any loss or property damage due to accident or theft in the campground or its surroundings which are not attributable to any fault or negligence on their part.

Article 9- Check-In / Check-Out Times

Campers can check-in as soon as 1 pm on the day of arrival and must check-out before noon on the day of departure. However, for cabins, the check-in time must be after 2 pm and the check-out time must be no later than 11 am.

Article 10- Vehicles

A maximum of two (2) vehicles per rented site are allowed. Therefore, additional vehicles must be parked in the designated public parking provided for the purpose.

Article 11- Trees

It is strictly prohibited to cut trees, break branches or hammer nails in trees.

Article 12- Clotheslines

It is permitted to hang clotheslines to trees provided that the clotheslines do not damage the trees. Clotheslines must be installed at a minimum height of 6 feet.

Article 13- Music

Your neighbours may not share your taste in music, please don’t play your music too loudly. Remember that no music is allowed after 11 pm.

Article 14- Sewer

Plastic or rubber sewer rings (donut) are mandatory and must be provided by the lessee (camper).

Article 15- Expulsion

A person who contravenes any provision of these regulations can be evicted by the authority in charge of managing the campground or by any other person designated by the Board of directors of the CDE d’Auclair with no possibility of refund.